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Project Challenge Program Goals

Inquiry… a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world.

Inquiry… a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world.

Problem Solving

Problem solving and creative thinking will be the common thread throughout each of the PC learning strands.  Students will learn and practice the structure of creative problem solving: indentifying problems, brainstorming solutions, investigating and questioning, thinking critically, evaluating, selecting and implementing solutions.       

They will also:

  • Consider ideas of great thinkers, philosophers, authors, and  PC mentors.

  • Develop an awareness and engage in debate and discussion of local and global issues

  • Strengthen team skills and build leadership skills


Socratic Seminar and Shared Inquiry are essential for reading, appreciating and analyzing literature.  Each piece of literature we read, whether it be classic or modern, lends itself to:

  • Understanding the morals and themes of the piece

  • Examining evidence that supports essential questions

  • Considering how the characters develop and inter-relate

  • Drawing conclusions about how the work relates to our own lives

  • Make connections to the regular grade curriculum

  • Inspiring students to write creatively or in response to the piece


Research is always at the core of our curriculum.  Over the years in the program, we will develop strong competency skills in all areas of the research process:

  • Evaluating and choosing sources

  • Formulating appropriate and accurate research questions

  • Note-taking skills

  • Interpretation of data and organizing information

  • Safe internet use

  • Critical analysis of information and evidence

  • Writing a research piece: citing sources, use of proper grammar, paper organization

  • Presentation skills: creating display boards, oral presentations, digital presentations

  • Competitions: 6th grade participation in Toshiba ExploraVision research competition


Proficient technology skills are critical for gifted children (and their teachers!) Our students will have exposure to the most current educational technology tools and we will utilize them in our everyday learning experiences:

  • Chromebook applications

  • Google Classroom

  • Electronic Missions (Moon Mars and Beyond, Operation Montserrat, Alpha Space Station)

  • Word processing

  • Robotics/Programming

  • Website creation

  • Video production with green screen technology

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics come in many shapes and forms in our program. 


Students will:

  • Problem solve using the Figure It Out series

  • Recognize and utilize the scientific method

  • Know about the studies of life science, chemistry, physics and nanotechnology

  • Develop an environmental awareness, both locally and globally

  • Use critical thinking to build a strong conceptual base of knowledge

Social and Emotional Growth

Students in PC make friendships that last a lifetime. This is a place where kids share a zest for learning.  In PC, students are accepting, encouraging, safe to  take risks, and to be themselves. We promote kindness, fun, creativity and compassion. 

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